SAT Adversity Index: A Drive Toward Diversity Without Discussing Race

With its new adversity tool, the College Board is joining a broadening movement toward using race-neutral alternatives to affirmative action.With the plan, the College Board, which administers the SAT, is joining a broadening movement among all levels of education toward using race-neutral alternatives to affirmative action.

‘It’s Like the Wild West’: Sexual Assault Victims Struggle in K-12 Schools

The Education Department is currently investigating 652 complaints of Title IX violations related to sexual harassment and violence, 279 of which are against K-12 schools.And K-12 schools — often unaware of their obligations under federal law — have become notorious for failing to recognize and address sexual assault, and employing tactics to intimidate victims and avoid lawsuits.

You Don’t Need to Be Perfect to Get Ahead at Work

There is a big difference between ambition (adaptive perfectionism) and what is commonly referred to as perfectionism (maladaptive perfectionism.” Jonathan Hoxmark/Unsplash If you want to get ahead at work, you need to focus on your personal growth and on building strong connections with other professionals within your industry.

8 Signs You’re the Highly Sensitive Person at Your Office

While others may balk at tedious tasks like alphabetizing and filing, you use duties such as these as an opportunity to gain some much needed quiet time.Some employees look forward for the chance to meet people in their organization they otherwise wouldn’t, but an HSP may find the expectation to constantly interact with a large group to be draining.

7 Ways to Stay Focused at Work Even When You're Distracted

But here’s the problem: while I’m thinking about all those things, I’m not terribly focused on my work.ZDNet likes the Chrome extension Stay Focused, which lets you say “block these time suck sites” for a while and set your own parameters for focused work.

How to Support Your Coworker Who's Dealing With Mental Health Issues

If you don’t have to deal with mental health challenges in your own life, take a look at those statistics again.We reached out on social media to ask for employees’ experiences of dealing with mental health issues at work — and asked an expert for some advice on creating a mentally healthier work environment.

The School Photo Industry Is a Master Class in Drama

He barked advice to three dozen independent school photographers, a mix of veterans and newbies, all of them looking for big paydays.“Or do you want to have two homes and be able to take nice vacations and put your kids through good schools?

How Storytelling Skills Supercharge Your Career

Let’s take a closer look at how and why storytelling skills can help you get ahead at work.” – Mary Catherine Bateson, Peripheral Vision: Learning Along the Way People don’t think about experiences as isolated incidents or as a series of unrelated occurrences.

UK SME To Tackle Digital Skills Shortage With Returners' Programme | Career

The private UK-based DXW has launched a returners' programme in the midst of a national digital skills shortage By | May 08, 2019 Share UK-based digital consultancy DXW Digital has launched a returners’ programme to help people that have been out of work for two or more years.The returners’ programme comes at a time when the UK continues to face a digital skills talent shortage.

Brexit Cause For UK Investor To Startup Disconnect | Career

Image: Russ Shaw, Founder at London/ Global Tech Advocates Research from Tech London Advocates (TLA) found that 39% of tech companies have since found it harder to access capital in London as a result of Brexit.Global tech advocates is made up of 13 networks around the world, including London, which was the first to launch in 2013.

How to start a podcast | Career

iStock The biggest media companies have funds to pour into their podcasts, but it's also possible to launch a podcast as a cash-light amateur.You need to know what kind of podcast it's going to be - journalism or storytelling?